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+370 687 50022     info@cervusaureus.lt

Hunting experience in Lithuania

Dating back to the Grand Duchy of Lithuania hunting was not only for delicious hearty meal, but also for passion and hobby. Having hunted a forest beast down, Lithuanian hunters used to blow horns in respect of it. These and other hunting traditions have survived to the present day. Hunts of large animals (European bison, deer and moose) were primarily the privilege and entertainment of the social elite: the first residences and castles for hunting were constructed in the lands of Vilnius, Trakai, Kernavė and Nemenčinė. This shows that the hunting traditions in Lithuania are long-standing and honourable.

Hunting culture and peculiarities

Culture and ethics of contemporary hunting have been greatly influenced by hunting celebrations that were organized centuries ago: these festivities involved not only entertainment and eating, but also cherishing humanism in hunting and fostering love for animals. Therefore such celebrations led to development of beautiful and lasting traditions and also the code of honour of hunters. All over the world the culture of hunting was and is created by people who observe and respect hunting regulations and special procedures.

Every year there are more and more people who want to come to Lithuania for hunting from foreign countries: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czechia, Belarus, Denmark, Germany etc. They hunt here for trophies: tusks and horns of animals. Commercial hunting (hunting tourism) in Lithuania is offered by private and state companies that carefully plan the visits of incoming hunters and aim for ensuring adherence to hunting regulation. A foreign national seeking hunting in Lithuania must hold an international hunting permit and international gun carrying licence. There is an option to rent a gun, too.

Attractiveness of hunting tourism in Lithuania

Foreign hunters come to Lithuania for its natural forests and beautiful outdoors. O surprise that there are also people who come here for photo hunting. Carrying their own photo and video equipment they engage in wildlife photography.

Hunting tourism in Lithuania can now compete with offers of other countries. Companies that organise such tourism in Lithuania can arrange everything necessary for a great hunt: airport pickup, comfortable accommodation, hunting area, processing of game and even additional recreation activities. There are cases when foreign hunters book their spots for hunting red deer in Lithuania one year in advance. By the way, the number of female hunters is increasing, so this hobby is not a masculine activity anymore.

Hunting tour packages are priced variously, prices also depend on the trophy characteristics of animals (such as red deer or fallow deer) to be hunted. Hunting fee depends on the type of hunting chosen. The most expensive is stand, still or driven hunting of hoofed animals such as red deer with trophy antlers.

Foreign hunters who have chosen hunting tourism services in Lithuania usually come for 3-7 days. Foreign hunters in Lithuania are provided with superior hunting services: they not only fully comply with the European standards, but also represent old Lithuanian traditions.

Relationship with nature and animals is very important in hunting. Of course, hunter’s ethics require safe handling of weapon and regular improvement of shooting skills. If an animal is injured, it must be sought and found, and all the hunting trophies must be kept safe and on display. Respect to a wild animal and nature, their protection and conservation matter us all.

Why choose Cervus Aureus hunting areas?


You can encounter red deer, fallow deer and mouflon with outstanding antlers in our hunting areas. We have been participating in hunts in different countries of the world for years, so our experience and abundance of red deer, fallow deer and mouflon in our forest will help ensure you a memorable time outdoors and return with trophies.


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