+370 687 50022     info@cervusaureus.lt

+370 687 50022     info@cervusaureus.lt

Red deer and fallow deer for sale

The company has been breeding red deer and fallow deer since 2009 with the goal to continuously improve trophy value. To help achieve this, red deer of Central European (Germany, Austria, Hungary) and New Zealand subspecies with appropriate genes have been acquired. This has been proven by the years of participation in international events of antler measurements and the diplomas and prizes received.
We have an excellent animal recording system, we perform genetic and health preventive examinations, and we load animals into vehicles promptly and safely.
Below you can see photos of males and trophy parameters of animals the genes of which can be found in our herd of deer.


Nr.: XXX
Antlers: ….
Weight: 12kg
CIC points: 232


Nr.: XXX
Antlers: 6
Weight: 14.8kg
CIC points: 283


Nr.: XXX
Antlers: 8
Weight: 9kg
Length: 115cm
CIC points: 226


Nr.: 32
Antlers: 6
Weight: 12kg
CIC points: 244


Nr.: 43
Antlers: 6
Weight: 11.4kg
CIC points: 241


Nr.: 135
Antlers: 7
Weight: 14.8kg
CIC points: 274


How much does a breeding red deer cost?

The prices of breeding red deer depend on gender, age, trophy-breeding quality of the animal and range from 500 € to 5000 €.

Do the red deer sold come with a veterinary certificate that confirms the animal’s health?

Yes. When animals are sold, veterinary certificates are issued after completion of blood tests at certified laboratories.

Are documents that certify genetic features (ancestry) provided?

Yes. Ancestry certificate approved by the Cervus Aureus company is issued upon customer’s request.

Has animal identification been performed?

Yes. All the animals have identifiers.

Is there a sale contract when buying an animal?

Yes. The contract is signed upon the customer’s request.

How are the purchased red deer transported?

Animals are transported in specially adapted vehicles.


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